#WakeUpWednesday Gym Session + Pump up Jam

Good morning! As you know I am trying to focus on some particular body areas this year, but overall I just want to be able to walk up the five flights of stairs to my office without being winded (yes I am not too ashamed to admit that!) So, I am taking this one step at a time (I must mention here that I LOVE puns and I am not afraid to use them) so, pun intended 😉

I am starting my gym routine with the basics. Just exercises that can be done at home or in the gym. If you haven’t heard the word Burpee, then add it to your vocabulary! The burpee is a full body exercise used for strength training and cardio. Everyone has their own variation of the exercise, but I perform the traditional burpee:

Begin in a standing position

Burpee 1

Drop to a squat position with hands on the ground

burpee 2

Kick your feet back keeping arms extended *for those eager folks, you can do a pushup here

burpee 3

Return to squatting position, and jump FORCEFULLY in the air (get a real good jump here)

burpee 4

and REPEAT until you cannot do anymore!

Although this seems boring, the burpee is a well rounded exercise! The pros can do 100 in 12 minutes! How many can you complete in 12 minutes?! Try it out and lets see where we all stack up 😉

The gym would be nothing without music for me. I am a big electronic music fan, and in the gym I love to bring the house! Below is a song I really like listening to at the gym. What are your favorite gym tunes?

Happy Burpin!


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