#BeautyBasics: Managing Dry Hair

Hello beauties! Today we talk hair, and my goodness do I love my hair. I have dyed my hair pretty much every color, but have stuck to blonde for about eight years now (and yes they have been eight extremely fun years!) I have long blonde hair that grows like a weed, and this past year I decided to STOP blow-drying and STOP straightening my hair. My routine has been shower at night, brush through with a comb, and brush in the morning. My hair is healthy as ever. No split ends, and no pesky stragglers left from a hot blow dryer!!

However, now that we have reached the winter months, my hair is a tad dry and is really prone to static. There is little humidity to add moisture to my hair, so I have been looking for a product for a few weeks to manage the dryness. Finally I found this leave-in conditioner at Target that I really like! The scent is great, and does not leave my hair looking greasy. I use a small amount on dry hair. It can also be used on wet hair after you’ve brushed through.

What are some of your favorite products for dry hair?



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