How I beat the winter blues

Living in Central NY, our winters are long and brutal. This winter has been especially bad, most days temperatures have barely reached positive numbers. On top of the cold, we get hammered with lake-effect snow and wind. Lake-effect snow is a whole different animal than normal snow, it comes down quickly, and hard. And the worst part is, that sometimes our winters continue through March. It is like we can’t see a light at the end of the freezing cold tunnel. This time of year, I know that many of us get grumpy, antsy and just frustrated with the weather, otherwise known as the “winter blues” , yes it is a real thing.

So, I have decided to make a list of some things that I do, to help me feel a little cheerier in the dead of winter 🙂

  1. Drink hot-tea throughout the day. There is something very soothing and warming about sipping hot tea. Usually it is something as simple as a green tea bag and a slice of lemon for me.
  2. Enjoy indoor activities. Sounds silly, but knowing that you have to bundle up and brave the weather keeps many people at home in the winter, not partaking in as many social actives, which can lead to “cabin fever” or in my case, the urge to want to re-decorate my apartment.  Go see a movie, go to one of those indoor trampoline or go-kart places, go out to dinner.
  3. Have friends over for a movie night. You can stay in your sweatpants, and encourage everyone to bring a snack. You can still hangout with your friends and save some money.
  4. Bundle up. Have no shame wearing bulky sweaters, fuzzy socks, and lots of layers. I find that no matter what, if I a cold I am miserable. I made the decision to upgrade my winter coat this year, and it was the best money I have ever spent.
  5. Hit the gym. Going to the gym a few times a week is a great way for me to warm up, and I always leave feeling positive, and good about myself.
  6. Turn off the Netflix and read. Yes, binge watching  is tempting this time of year, but take the time to join your local library and read some books. Personally, I find the act of reading a book just as relaxing as watching TV, but I feel better after, knowing I expanded my vocabulary, learned new things, and all the great things reading books do for you. A few weeks ago I picked up “The Happiness Project” and I stopped watching TV before bed, so far I find myself sleeping much better.

So, is there anything that you do to help stay warm and optimistic in the winter?

Your’s truly-M

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3 thoughts on “How I beat the winter blues”

  1. Autumn has only begun in Australia but soon after that it’ll be Winter, probably not as cold as NYC or any other east coast state in America. But thank you for the tips 🙂 I’d definitely do the last, reading. What are your favourite books (genre)?


  2. During this very cold winter (in Vermont), I found that the more time I spent outdoors, the more I enjoyed the cold weather. Always dressing for the weather (bundle up!) made a huge difference. It got so that I laughed single digit temperatures (Fahrenheit) and below zero windchills. Now that we’re seeing weather at freezing and above, it truly feels like spring.


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