Packing for a winter vacation

So this Saturday , I am glad to say that I will be heading to Cozumel, Mexico for a week with my family!! I just wanted to give a few tips on what and how to pack for a tropical vacation when it’s the dead of winter.  

  1. Use a carryon- avoid the hassle and cost of checking a bag and pack light. Chances are there is nothing that you need they won’t sell at your destination.
  2. Know the liquid requirements- nothing worse than watching customs take your bottle of tequila from you because it’s too big.
  3. Bring extra quart sized plastic bags. If your liquids bag tears or rips the officers may require that you need a new one. I try to keep on in the outside pouch of my bag so I’m not digging for it in the security line. 
  4. Pack comfortable, practical, layers. If you don’t wear it at home you won’t wear it there. Comfortable shoes are really important, and bring some loose fitting tshirts for when you get a sunburn and everything hurts.
  5. Leave your “baggage” at home. Try your hardest to stay off your phone and devices. Tell your coworkers ahead of time you will be unavailable. Try your best to experience new things, have fun, and relax. 

Well I hope that was helpful! I will be back after the 15th!! 

Do you have any travel or packing tips? 

Your’s truly-M

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