Trader Joe’s Favorites

Good Morning!

Today we talk Trader Joe’s, my most favorite grocery store! First and foremost the employees at Trader Joe’s are extremely enjoyable to be around. Always smiling, and are attentive and happy to start up a conversation and offer suggestions. I truly just enjoying being at their retail locations! Grocery shopping can be a chore (at least it is for me) and Trader Joe’s makes it easier for me to care about the food I am eating.

So now that I have taken it upon myself to take more responsibility for what I am eating, I will share some of my favorite Trader Joe’s healthy options. I will make this a weekly post with some of my go-to items!

1. Trader Joe’s NonFat Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt. I love this item because its 0% milk fat and you are getting the most out of your greek. I like that these yogurts are blended – not fruit on the bottom (other flavors include mango, strawberry, black raspberry, pomegranate, honey). 5.3 oz yogurts are .99 cents and a great edition to any lunch.

photo 2 (2)

2. Trader Joe’s Very Green Smoothie. This item packs a lot if Vitamin A and C, and is made with banana, mango, kiwi, and pineapple purees, juices and dried greens blend (which adds bonus nutritional value). This drink does have a lot of sugar, so drink in moderation. I like to take a sip as I am out the door to start my day.

 photo 1 (1)

3. Trader Joe’s Kale and Greek Yogurt Dip. I love this dip with veggies! It’s a reduced guilt find that packs the nutrition of kale and spinach, and is great for lunches with raw vegetables. Only 30 calories for a tablespoon!

photo 3

4. Trader Joe’s Fruit Bars. These bars only have TWO ingredients: Apples and Coconut. These bars kind of taste in between fruit leather and dried/dehydrated fruit. This is a quick snack I keep in my desk and gym bag to rid any sugar cravings. These hold a more hefty price tag at .99 cents each, but when choosing snacks these are a great option if you don’t have a piece of fruit with you and is not a processed granola bar.

photo (8)

Cheers to health!


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4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Favorites”

  1. That kale and Greek yogurt dip looks delicious! I’ve never seen that before. I’m going to have to look for it next time I got grocery shopping!

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  2. I wanted to let you know that I’m awarding you with a Liebster award if you’ll accept. I’m currently writing up my post and ill have it posted by the end of the week.


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