Wanted: Beginner’s Running Advice!!

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great morning! The weather in CNY has been BEAUTIFUL, sunny and in the 60’s this week. Because of this beautiful weather, my boyfriend and I have started running outside! I have never been a runner my whole life, dreading the 1 mile run in gym class, and just HATING running. But, as of this New Year, we have been making an effort to get the best exercise for us, and I know that running really is the best workout, and it allows you to spend time outside! We have an amazing 5 mile trail through the woods, along the lake only one block from my apartment, so it is really crazy to not make the most of it. (I stole a picture of the trail above from this website)

So, we have been trying to get into it, and so far so good! My first goal was to be able to run a mile straight without stopping to walk at all. Sounds pretty easy, but as someone who really hates running, that was hard for me. I am proud to say that last night I DID IT! It felt really good, and now I am looking forward to a new goal.

I have downloaded map my run, and so far really like it, but I know I need some more gear. My nike sneakers are approximately 3 years old and worn out. My headphones are always falling out of my ears, and I just really don’t know what I am doing. Should I focus on speed? Should I focus on distance? Help!

So this is what I need from the blogosphere:

What kind of running sneakers should I look for? 

What kind of new goals should I set for myself? 

Is there any gear that I NEED to have? 

Do you have any general tips for someone who is just starting to run? 

Your’s Truly- M


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14 thoughts on “Wanted: Beginner’s Running Advice!!”

  1. Well, I have no tips (because I’m not a runner). I ran a 5K one time on a dare. As I “trained” for it, I found it amazing when I hit a point where my breathing and running came into sync. It was the best feeling! Have fun 🙂


      1. I was most definitely winging it! It’s making me laugh just thinking about myself running around my neighborhood 😀 I am glad I did it though.


  2. I like making new goals on a regular basis that are fairly easy to achieve just like your goal of running 1 mile without stopping. I’ve found distance easier to work on, speed is still a challenge, but it’ll come in some ways just by getting out there!


  3. Okay, apologies in advance for how long this comment will be…

    One need is definitely GOOD shoes! Without them, you’re looking at expensive medical bills for messed up joints. Look at the bottom of old shoes & see where the heel is more worn: outside or inside of the sole? More worn on the outside (like me!) means you’ll want a shoe with good gel/support on the outer edge of your shoe since your ankle rolls out (supinate) slightly. And vice versa for inside wear (pronate).

    You’ll also want to buy a shoe that fits your arch. Go to any sports store (I go to Sports Authority) and ask an associate for help choosing a shoe. They should know all the scientific hoopla to help find a good fit. But, your shoe can’t do all the work, so make sure your foot lands correctly 🙂 http://abt.cm/1dBND4p (article explaining).

    Sorry for such a novel of a comment, I hope you enjoy making running part of your routine!! It’s so exciting to see other people really getting into a new exercise or active hobby. You go girl!


  4. For shoes, find a running store that will identify your stride and recommend the correct shoes for it. I think most of us have suffered through poor shoe choices, but getting the correct pair is ah-mah-zing. 🙂 Happy running!!


  5. Hey! Congrats on your new running adventure! So far I agree with the above comments in that a good running shoe is super important! If this is something you plan to take seriously definitely make the investment in a quality pair. (Your knees, feet, and ankles will thank you!) I also agree with going for distance first vs speed. Speed will come later. One thing that wasn’t mentioned though is stretching! This is so very important to avoid injury! Runners often develop IT Band syndrome which can not only affect your running and performance it can be somewhat painful. Focus on stretches for your feet, ankles, calves, quads, hamstrings, hips, groin, glutes, and lower back. I am actually doing 30 days of stretching all throughout May over at my blog if you need any ideas 😀 Good Luck!

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  6. Okay I think the previous commenters gave perfect advice for the shoes already, so I’ll focus on the goals. I was just like you before: hated running, always had pain in my sides and just couldn’t run for a long time – but as you have already done too, I improved with time. I think it’s better to try to run longer distances first, at a pace which is comfortable for you. Set a goal distance and work towards it at your own pace, and when you’ve reaced it, you can run it again and again and you will feel that your speed will improve too! 🙂 And then if you want, you can go for a longer distance again! Good luck with running! (P.S. this path looks gorgeous!) xx


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