My Trip to Austin TX!

Hello friends!

Last week I got back from my trip to Austin TX – and I have been slacking in getting a post up about my adventures, but here it is! I had such a great time and the weather was fabulous! It was a great springtime getaway and I spent time with my best friend who lives in Austin. We did a lot of shopping and exploring!

I got to see some local art and was really excited to see the Hope graffiti park! There were artists completing their work and it was really fun to see them with the spray paint creating something so interesting. Later that afternoon I had some authentic Texas BBQ! It was spicy!! There are plenty of great barbeque places in Syracuse, but when I went to Freedman’s it was a totally different experience.


The rest of the weekend was just a blast! We went to Hamilton Pool Preserve and it was just gorgeous! The Park Rangers were so helpful and informative. It was not an easy hike – but it was well worth it! We could not swim due to bacteria levels but the preserve was pristine otherwise and the 85 degree weather helped me get a sunburn.

IMG_0143       IMG_0134

Finally the trip ended with a hike up Mt. Bonnell which overlooks the city and some of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen! With the sunset it was a fantastic end to the trip. I reccomend this city to everyone. There was a TON to do and lots of really cool restaurants and bars. I hoped I would bring back the warm weather to Central NY but that was not the case. Back to 40’s and 50’s this week with rain. A girl can dream!

IMG_0094              IMG_0088




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