Spring has Sprung!

Hello loves!

This past weekend I wanted to be one with nature so I decided to go hiking with a few friends. I went into the day with an open mind as hiking is fairly new to me, but I am so grateful I went! My friend acted as a tour guide and we were all very surprised when we started walking on the ‘Stream Trail.’ The trail was just that – a series of streams and waterfalls that we had to trek and maneuver. I was really impressed with myself, and went in with the mindset that I can do anything!


As you all know I have been making strides in my fitness journey, and being active is really important to me, so this was a fantastic way to have fun while being active. The trip also acted as team building exercise, and made me closer with the friends I have, and gave me an opportunity to I was able to get to know some others that I have been meaning to sit down and talk with.


On the hike we had to decipher the best course of action to not fall in the water, which required patience and a little guts! The weather was beautiful and I cannot wait to explore more of the beauty that is Central New York.


Happy Hiking!