Wanted: Beginner’s Running Advice!!

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great morning! The weather in CNY has been BEAUTIFUL, sunny and in the 60’s this week. Because of this beautiful weather, my boyfriend and I have started running outside! I have never been a runner my whole life, dreading the 1 mile run in gym class, and just HATING running. But, as of this New Year, we have been making an effort to get the best exercise for us, and I know that running really is the best workout, and it allows you to spend time outside! We have an amazing 5 mile trail through the woods, along the lake only one block from my apartment, so it is really crazy to not make the most of it. (I stole a picture of the trail above from this website)

So, we have been trying to get into it, and so far so good! My first goal was to be able to run a mile straight without stopping to walk at all. Sounds pretty easy, but as someone who really hates running, that was hard for me. I am proud to say that last night I DID IT! It felt really good, and now I am looking forward to a new goal.

I have downloaded map my run, and so far really like it, but I know I need some more gear. My nike sneakers are approximately 3 years old and worn out. My headphones are always falling out of my ears, and I just really don’t know what I am doing. Should I focus on speed? Should I focus on distance? Help!

So this is what I need from the blogosphere:

What kind of running sneakers should I look for? 

What kind of new goals should I set for myself? 

Is there any gear that I NEED to have? 

Do you have any general tips for someone who is just starting to run? 

Your’s Truly- M


I love RetailMeNot and everyone needs to get the app right now

So, I am not sure exactly who told me about it, but about a year ago I downloaded RetailMeNot just to see what it is all about. It is now a staple for any shopping trip I make. Basically it is just an app and website where you can search coupons and deals by location or search by store. Basically all those coupons that you get in the mail for having a rewards card for every store, appears on the app. I find the best deals at Khols (always at least a 15% off coupon) JcPenny (again, usually a 15% off) Famous Footwear, Macy’s, American Eagle, Dicks Sporting Goods, Target, and so on.

The best deal I ever got with RetailMeNot, I was moving into my apartment and wanted to buy a nice set of knives.I looked at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, JCPenny, and  I researched a bunch of brands, and found out that you can buy the same stuff at any department store. I saw online that Bon-Ton had a $200 set on sale for $100. I had a $50 off a purchase of $100 coupon on RetailMeNot, went to the store, and paid $50 for a knife set that would have cost me $300 at Bed Bath and Beyond. This is when I became sold. Before I check out at any store, I check my app. A little 10% or $5 off here and there really does add up! And no, I am not getting paid to post this, I just really wanted to share my love for this app!

What are some of your favorite money saving apps? I need to know!

Your’s Truly- M

We were nominated for a Libster Award!

We were so happy to hear that we were nominated for the Libster Award by the amazing Tiny Bows! You can find the official rules here. Basically, she asked us some questions, we nominate 10 more bloggers and ask them some questions! So here are our answers for her questions, we answered some together, and some separately.

  1. What made you decide to start a blog?

We are both young professionals, who just relocated to a new city, and we wanted to connect with other young women who might be going through the same things as us!


  1. Who, or what is your biggest blogging influence?

Our biggest blogging influencer would have to be instagram. When we see a great outfit, or a photo of a dish that looks delicious, we want to know how to make it, and where to find it! I think that our passion for wanting to know more encouraged us to elaborate on the things that we share on social media.


  1. How do you decide what to write about?

We are inspired to write about topics that add positivity to our lives. Whether it be a new product that we love, a fun time with friends, music or healthy recipes, we blog about what makes us happy.


  1. When did you start blogging/ how long have you been blogging?

We started blogging earlier this year, so it is still new territory for us. We are learning everyday, and we are so excited to keep meeting more bloggers!


  1. Where is the best place you have ever been, vacation, restaurant, museum, etc?

M: My favorite place.. London! I studied abroad there a year ago, and loved living in the city.

A: The best place she has ever been to was probably Hawaii! I was very young but I went with my extended family and we were able to spend a lot of time together exploring volcanoes, beaches and I attended a traditional luau!


  1. What is the best dish you have ever eaten?

A: My favorite dish… hmm! I love to eat! But I really enjoy sushi when I have the chance to eat it.

M: My favorite dish… it would have to be pad thai, it is the perfect mix of carby, sweet and spicy!


  1. What is your biggest fear?

A: My biggest fear would have to be not being able to spend enough time with my family and friends. Life has the ability to get in the way of what really matters, and I hope I never lose time with the people most important to me.

M: My biggest fear would have to be living life with “blinders” on. I try to take the time to cherish the small happy moments each day, but when life is busy, and you get into a routine, that is hard!


  1. What is your hidden talent?

A: My hidden talent would have to be a

M: My hidden talent is scuba diving! I just came back from a trip to Mexico where I was able to go a few times.


  1. What is your biggest accomplishment?

A: My biggest accomplishment would be graduating college, and a week later moving away from my hometown and creating a new independent life in a new city. I love the spontaneity of that decision and I feel I have continued that mentality since moving.

M: My biggest accomplishment is definitely graduating college with a job in place! Much like A, I was lucky enough to have an opportunity where I could comfortably move away from home, and finally be “an adult”…kinda 🙂


  1. What is your favorite time waster? (be specific: mine is either cross stitching at the moment… or borderlands… borderlands is going to win at time wasting tonight)

M: 100% instagram. I could scroll through instagram all day, everyday. I follow a lot of healthy living/weight loss blogs and they are a great inspiration!

A: My favorite time waster would be social media, and in general the internet! I love the power of the internet. I love to read blogs, reddit, instagram, twitter.

Okay, so now we nominate:

  1. https://thesimplebeginner.wordpress.com/– lifestyle and everyday things
  2. http://tobeherown.com/– Yoga and healthy living
  3. http://livinghealthierlife.com/ – Healthy living, motivation and recipes
  4. http://lonestarlauren.com/– Fashion& everyday things
  5. http://lucycowlin.com/– Beauty, fashion and lifestyle
  6. http://ashleyforrerwellness.com/ – Healthy eats and fitness/wellness
  7. http://runningandsunshine.com/– Running, healthy living and everyday things
  8. http://semisweettooth.com/ – Lifestyle, fitness, and a little sweetness
  9. http://atouchoflovely.com/– Food & lifestyle
  10. https://eunicakes.wordpress.com/- Fitness and recipes


Our Questions for you:

  1. What encouraged you to start a blog?
  2. What is your favorite part about blogging?
  3. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
  4. What is one thing you miss from your childhood?
  5. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
  6. What is something that is an important part of your morning routine?
  7. What is your favorite clothing item?
  8. What is your favorite season?
  9. If you could take a weekend trip somewhere, where would it be?
  10. Must have beauty product?

Now it is your turn to nominate another 10 bloggers, go!

Your’s truly- M&A

Thrifty finds

Hey y’all! Just wanted to share a few gems I brought home with me this weekend! I hit up a thrift store not too far from my house, in hopes to find some odds and ends for the kitchen, but I ended up snagging a few different things! I generally try to hit thrift shops every couple of weeks, as most “professionals” will tell you to go often, and it is a great tip! The good stuff goes fast, so you never know what you will find! If you have never tried thrifting/gragesaling/fleamarketing I would check out this oldie but goodie post with a bunch of tips!.


I found this really pretty basket for $3. I am currently using it as a place to hold my keys, purse, and mail on my table to make things look more organized.


I snagged this scoop-neck sweatshirt for $4. It fits perfect, seemed pretty new, and I am thinking it will be perfect for spring/summer layers.


I also grabbed these two jars for $2 each. As you can see, the first one is currently holding my oatmeal, and I am still working on the second one’s use. The design on the right jar really caught my eye. I have no idea what brand/style it is, but I remember my grandma had the exact same pattern in her kitchen. So I had to take it home because….memories.

Did you do any thrifting this weekend?

Your’s truly- M

Outfit of the Day

I am an overall am a lover of fashion. Clothes, shoes, accessories, I love it all. My caveat however, is finding fashionable items on a budget. I enjoy shopping immensely, but my favorite part about shopping is hunting for DEALS! No one likes a deal more than me. Creating my closet on a budget is exciting, and I am a certified maxxinista haha!! My new current obsession is the Nordstrom online sale section. I always read the comments, and I love hearing other shopper’s experiences with items they purchased. I ordered some new items on sale and will have them up next week in a Tuesday Treat Yourself post!

The weather is extremely cold with a large chance of snowfall in Central New York, so layering is a must. For this look I tried to incorporate my new fur vest I picked up at a consignment shop for $12! I paired it with a light cream blouse with sleeve detail from Forever 21, necklace Forever 21, bracelet Givenchy, Levis jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and Jessica Simpson boots! (All items were bought on sale! And photo cred to my good friend AD)

new outfit2

What are your favorite places to shop for a good deal?